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how nice of you to come over, stu. the girls at the office and i have been talking about you. how come you never show up at any of the company parties? how come you never talk to any of us lovely ladies or take us out for []? some of us are beginning to wonder if you have . . . a small penis. a lot of shy men do, you know. is it true? do you really have a tiny penis? nothing to say? well, i figured that would be the case. so i had the it guy hack into your personal computer. once i had access to your personal files, i was shocked by what i found. tons of photos of your nearly non-existent dick! video after video of sph videos! hahaha! it is true! now here's the deal, stu. if you don't want me to spread your "little secret" all over the office, you have to do exactly as i say. first, i want to see the freakish tiny penis you've got there. come on, whip it out! now, jerk it for me. i want to see how someone masturbates with a piece of meat that small. my, you're amusing. look, i have a little toy penis here to use as a visual aid to show you how i want you to do it. god, i think even this little rubber toy is bigger than what you're packing! now jerk yourself off to completion and ... eat it. i want to see you cum in your hand and lap all of it up! do it right now, or i'll tell everyone that you've got a little rat-dick the size of a pinky finger! hah, you did it! bwahahahaha! you fool. i already posted your teeny-weenie photos to my blog! oops. well, i have a date tonight, so i have to get going. i trust you can let yourself out. starring larkin love sph - masturbation instruction - cum eating instruction - female domination - laughing - verbal teasing - strap-on - dildos

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