Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Wet Latex Dream 2018-02-22


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Welcome to a wet dream from the depths of your erotic mind. You slip into a haze of slick latex and supple female flesh. A woman dances for you, moving sinuously in slow motion as colored lights reflect off her glistening, skin-tight rubber dress. She produces a bowl of lube and pours it down her body. It drips down her ample breasts as she rubs it into her body until both flesh and latex shine like mirrors. In this world where time trickles slowly, drops of lube and saliva hang in the air for impossible durations. The snap and crinkle of rubber reverberate as she teases her tits out of the dress and displays her dripping wet pussy for you with a sly smile. You can see every detail suspended in time, missing nothing. Look into her eyes. She's touching herself for you. See her pleasure. Go deeper into the dream. She's all yours and you have all the time in the world. Contains the following erotic elements: LATEX - SLOW MOTION - DANCING - WET LOOK - BIG TITS - SOLO MASTURBATION Watch hundreds of my streaming videos at

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