Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Virgin Twin Sister Taboo Impregnation 2018-03-26


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Watch this video and 100's more with unlimited streaming at (Taking Your Twin Sister's Innocence) I have to talk to you about something. You and I have always been as close as twin siblings can be. It's just not fair the way Mom and Dad treat us. No matter what you do, you're the "bad kid." Sure you get into trouble from time to time, and you don't suck up to them the way I do, but you're not bad at all. Meanwhile, they seem to think that I'm their "little angel." It's like I can do no wrong. I know I'm kind of a goody-goody, but I'm not perfect. Even if I don't always act on my desires, I'm not as pure as you think! I feel like this is making us grow apart. Our parents don't realize what they're doing. It's wrong to pit brother and sister against each other. I don't want to lose you. I love you so much. We really aren't that different. We have to remember that. That's why I want you to do me a favor. I want to be bad. I need you to help me. I want to do something so wild and forbidden, that there's no way I can ever be a "perfect angel" after that. Even if we don't tell our parents, you and I will know the truth. I want you to fuck me. I know you think I'm beautiful - even more so than your girlfriends. Do to me what you do to them. Show me how much fun it is to be "bad" for once. I want you more than I've ever wanted another guy. Don't you know that I love you the best? No one could ever possibly be as amazing as my twin brother! You want me too?! Oh god, yes. Do whatever you want to me. Lick my pussy. Eat my ass. Fuck me in whichever hole you choose. I'm all yours. Teach me how to be a bad girl! Just be careful and don't cum inside me. I'm not on any birth control. You wouldn't want to get your own sister pregnant . . . would you? The thought of your cum inside me is just so tempting . . . Contains the following erotic elements: TWINS - TABOO - VIRTUAL SEX - IMPREGNATION FANTASY - SISTERS

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