Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Two-Top Tickle Torture 2018-03-26


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Kym certainly has found herself in a bit of a pickle. Randy and I have her stripped buck-ass naked and tied spread-eagle. The fun is about to begin. Randy and I take turns tickling Kym - gently at first, then with vicious intensity. Armpits, hipbones, stomach, knees, feet, ears: no part of Kym's body escapes our prodding, curious fingers. Kym of course protests, but we won't hear any of it. She's ours to play with now! The last thing we want to do is let he go before we have our fun. We explore every inch of her body and squeeze laughter from it, bringing poor Kym to the very brink of consciousness. She laughs so hard, she can scarcely breathe. Before Kym can so much as gasp some oxygen, we attack her nerve endings with four hands at once, tickling her tender flesh with all our might, bringing the girl's laughs to an earsplitting crescendo. Starring Larkin Love Contains the following erotic elements: LESBIAN DOMINATION - TICKLING - TICKLING ARMPITS - ROPE BONDAGE - FEMALE DOMINATION - BONDAGE - BIG TITS - LAUGHING

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