Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Twin Sister Makes You Cum Inside Her 2018-03-26


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Watch this video and 100's more with unlimited streaming at Hey bro, what are you doing hiding under that blanket? Are you feeling STRANGE? HAHAHAHAHA! I pranked you good this time! This is to get you back for that nasty prank you played on me last week. I put 5 times the normal dose of Viagra in your milkshake! You're hiding a massive boner under there, aren't you! Lemme see. Oh wow, those pills worked better than I thought. Whoa. Your bulge is totally huge. What's going on? Is that all because of the pills? No?! Just how big is your cock, anyway? You have to show me. Don't be so shy all of a sudden. We're twins. We've always been close. Let me see your cock. Amazing. You're HUGE! Oh my god, your cock is fantastic! You have to let me play with it.What if I told you that I gave you those pills for more than just a laugh? I've wanted you for a while. I just had to get you in a position where you couldn't resist me. I'm going to hold you down and ride that big, rock hard cock of yours. I won't take no for an answer. I'm going to climb on top of you, now, and don't try to struggle. You know I'm as strong as you are. I'll just hold you down and take what I want. Contains the following erotic elements: TABOO - TWINS - VIRTUAL SEX - IMPREGNATION FANTASY - COCK WORSHIP

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