Larkin Love [ManyVids] - The Panty-thief's Punishment 2018-03-26


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You brazen asshole! You're the one who's been stealing our panties out of the laundry room! It's not bad enough that Elle and I have to wash our lingerie in a shared laundry area, but you have to come along and steal our worn panties right out of our hamper! You filthy pervert! You steal them so you can WEAR THEM while you JERK-OFF! Disgusting! A dirty boy like you needs a fitting punishment. If you submit to our retribution, we'll let you go and won't report you to the authorities. If you don't do as we say, I'm sure the police would be pleased to remove another pervert from the community. I see you're wearing some of my favorite panties right now! Ugh! Well, they used to be my favorite, until you ruined them by rubbing your sweaty dick all inside them. So gross. Alright, panty-boy. You wanna feel girly and pretty? Here, stick this big old dildo in your ass - all the way to the hilt. The panties should hold it in nicely. No complaints. You don't want us to turn you in to the police, do you? Atta boy. Now get down on the floor in front of us and jerk your cock. Well, what are you waiting for? This is why you like to steal panties, right? For sexual gratification? Go ahead and start gratifying! Hah, pretty embarrassing when your disgusting habits come to light, isn't it. Stroke that cock for our amusement. God, Elle and I can hardly stifle our laughter. You look so ridiculous. That dildo sure puts a strain on your asshole, doesn't it? Hahaha! That's it, panty-boy, jerk that dick! Elle and I will give you a little panty show to help you along. But don't cum until we give you the countdown . . . 10...9...8..7...6...5....4..3..2.....STOP! HANDS OFF THE DICK! NO MORE JERKING! That's right. You don't get to cum. What, you think we were going to let you get off? That's hardly a punishment. It's blue-balls for you, panty thief! Now get out of here. You disgust me. Starring Larkin Love RUINED ORGASM - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - JERK-OFF INSTRUCTION - IMPOSED CROSSDRESSING - PANTY FETISH - PUNISHMENT - IMPOSED ANAL - RETRIBUTION - EMBARRASSMENT - ORGASM DENIAL - FEMALE DOMINATION

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