Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Succubus Steals Your Seed 2018-09-15


Download Larkin Love - Succubus Steals Your Seed - 417.9 MB from 2018-09-15
Watch this video and 100's more with unlimited streaming at Who has summoned me from the dark realm? What mortal creature has called me here to the earthly plane? So, you thought you could tame the awesome sexual power of a succubus, eh? Foolish wizard. You were so sure of your powers. You never stopped to think of the consequences. Did you forget, my dear, that you are still a mortal man, while I am an eternal creature of darkness? You're every bit as susceptible to my charms as my last victim . . . and the thousands of victims before him.Don't try to strike me down, my dear. The damage is done. You've already brought me here. Come closer to me now. Take a good look at what you've summoned. Can't you feel the captivating magic of my beauty? It's no use to fight. I will take what I want from you right here, right now.I will take your seed inside me and steal your soul forever! Contains the following erotic elements: TRANSFORMATION FANTASIES - VIRTUAL SEX - CREAMPIE FANTASIES - ALIENS & MONSTERS - SUPER VILLAIN - SUCCUBUS/VAMPIRE - MAGIC CONTROL - BIG TITS. Starring Larkin Love

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