Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Smothered By My Tongue 2016-12-28


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My date expects to get lucky tonight. Little does he know that the "massage" I've been promising him is just a trick. Once he's down for the count, I wrap him in cling film from head to toe, completely cocooning him until he's immobile. When he comes to on the table, he finds me astride him, wearing black latex and black thigh high stiletto boots. Protests won't do him any good now. I've got him exactly where I want him. I extend my long wet tongue and shove it into his mouth, pinching his nose to make his lips open. My tongue slides down his throat and smothers his breath. Thick strings of saliva pour from my mouth into his, and I make him swallow every drop. Then, I lick his face, neck, nose, and ears, coating his face with my spit. There's no escape from my probing, twisting tongue. And there is nothing so delicious to me as a bound captive. Starring Larkin Love. IMPOSED KISSING - BONDAGE - FEMALE DOMINATION - LICKING - TONGUE FETISH - TONGUE DOMINATION - SARAN WRAP - MUMMIFICATION

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bondage femdom tongue fetish imposed kissing mummification