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One Taste Is All You Get) I can't believe you're still awake. It's almost dawn. Aww, were you waiting up for me? That's so sweet. Even after I told you I was going out to get fucked good and proper tonight, and might not even be home until tomorrow. Mmm, I need a cigarette so badly after the pussy pounding I just had! You're a real loser, honey. But you're MY special loser. I admit I have a certain fondness for your wallet. You give me all the material comforts I've grown to love and expect. You hang on my every word. You do whatever I say. And you're so spineless that you never object to my nightly excursions to the bars and clubs to pick up hung, well-muscled studs for marathon sex sessions. I mean, what else would I do? Fuck you? Hardly. If you're the joke, that tic-tac dick of yours is one hell of a punchline. I'm going to tell you all about my night out. I won't spare you any juicy details. And since you're such a good boy, I'll let you have a few sips of my breast milk. Enjoy my kindness while it lasts. One taste is all you get. You don't deserve entry to my pussy, so be glad I even let you near my tits. I can't decide if I should let you cum or not. If I do allow you to touch your pathetic pud while looking at me, it won't be a long indulgence . If you're really as pent-up as you act, 20 seconds of stroking should do the trick. Starring Larkin Love. CUCKOLDING - FEMALE DOMINATION - TEASE AND DENIAL - SPH- MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - SMOKING - LACTATING - NIPPLE SUCKING - BIG TITS - BRUNETTE - CUM COUNTDOWN

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