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You saw my add on the internet: "Real sissy baby girls wanted for live-in nursery. Only SERIOUS applicants need apply." It all sounded like so much fun in the beginning. You could live out your fantasy at last. But once you arrived at my place, I swiftly knocked you out and everything changed. When you wake up, you're dressed in a frilly pink shirt, an extra thick diaper, and cute white baby booties. I lift up your legs and add a Disney princess diaper cover to the outfit. Don't you look darling! But something is wrong. You can't stand up any more. You can't seem to think clearly. And your bowels . . . something is definitely wrong with your bowels. It feels like you could lose control of your toilet functions at any moment! As I explain to you that I don't deal in short-term fantasies, that my specialty is to turn dabbling "adult baby" men into full time, life long sissy baby girls, you begin to panic. This wasn't what you wanted! You just wanted to get your rocks off, and then return to your normal life as if nothing had happened. But it's too late now. You're in my nursery. And after you've gone through my training, you'll never be the same again . . . Starring Larkin Love Contains the following fetishes: AGE REGRESSION - SISSY TRAINING - ADULT DIAPER - DIAPER FETISH - FEMALE DOMINATION - CUM EATING INSTRUCTION- DIAPER WETTING - DIAPER MESSING - BABY TALK - 24/7 BABY LIFESTYLE FANTASIES

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