Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Shrinking Your Muscles To Make You Mine 2018-04-20


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This video was a custom commission. To commission your own custom clip, email [email protected] for a price quote.) Welcome home, honey. That must have been a really hard workout. You were gone almost all day! Here, have this protein shake. I bet you could really use it . . . Hmm, how odd. Your biceps don't seem as pumped up now as they did when you walked through the door. Am I seeing things? And what about your muscular thighs? They used to be so cut, but now it's like your quads are melting away. I can't feign surprise any longer, darling. I put CATABOLIC steroids in your protein shake. They're experimental chemicals designed to break down your muscle tissue. See, you've been spending way to much time at the gym when you should be here with ME. And I'll be damned if those fitness instructors are going to keep fawning all over your Adonis physique. My, how weak you're getting. I think you're only fit for bed rest now! And you're as skinny as a twig! That's ok, baby. Don't worry. I'm here to take care of you. You're dependant on me now - and you'll always be mine! SHRINKING FETISH - MUSCLE LOSS - FEMALE DOMINATION - EROTIC MAGIC - MAGICAL CONTROL - BETRAYAL - HELPLESS MALE

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