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How DARE you trespass into my graveyard! We witches value our privacy and secrecy. No mortal shall be allowed in my domain! I'll have to teach you a lesson. Oh, boy, do I have a nasty curse for you. With a flick of my wand, I place a hex on you that causes your penis to shrink right before your very eyes. First it shrinks to half its original size. Hmm, not punishment enough. Shall we try a quarter size? What about an eighth? How many hexes will it take to make it disappear altogether into your body? Hahaha! Look at your pathetic little cock now! I can barely see it! There's no way in hell you'll be able to please a woman ever again! Are you sorry NOW rat-dick loser? Are you ready to beg me for the cure? There's only one way to reverse the curse, and you aren't going to like it. First you must jerk off your new little bobbin while I watch. Then, when you cum, you must collect all the semen in your hand and lap it up while it's still warm. Sound easy? Well, undoing a hex this powerful isn't as easy as you think . . . Starring Larkin Love Contains the following erotic elements: TRANSFORMATION FANTASIES - SPH - SHRINKING FETISH - PENIS SHRINKING - WITCH - EROTIC MAGIC - OUTDOORS - CUM EATING INSTRUCTION - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - SPECIAL EFFECTS - FEMALE DOMINATION - FEMDOM POV

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