Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Short Skirt Surprise Impregnation 2018-04-20


Download Larkin Love - Short Skirt Surprise Impregnation - 1.29 GB from 2018-04-20
Watch this video and 100's more with unlimited streaming at (Short Skirt Seduction) Welcome home, honey. Guess what. I treated myself to a little shopping trip today. You know how you're always asking me to spice up my wardrobe? I went and got some new skirts that are sure to please. Scandalously short, flirtatious, and wild, they all show off my legs and ass in a way you can't resist - especially when I wear them with these low-cut, cleavage baring tops. I can see your cock getting hard already at the thought. Let me give you a sexy fashion show. Do me a favor, will you? I'm going to bend over slowly, and you tell me at what point you can see my panties under my skirt . . . man, that sure got your dick stiff. So which outfit do you like the best, hmm? The slutty goth, the schoolgirl, or the dominatrix? Hah, I knew you'd like all three. Guess we'll just have to enjoy them one by one! Mmm, let me play with that throbbing cock of yours. My mouth is watering for you. I'll get your whole shaft nice and wet with my lips and tongue and make you ache to be inside me. Push me down on the bed and lift up my skirt. I'll arch my ass up in the air for you and spread my wet pussy for easy entry. No need to remove my panties. I'll just pull them to the side . . . God, yes, fuck me! Fuck me deeper! My thong, pulled aside with abandon, is soaked in my pussy juices. Pound me from behind, grabbing my hips and driving your pulsing erection deep into my body. Make me take it slowly. Make me feel every inch! Now flip me over and let me play with my clit while you tease my pussy with the head of your cock. I gasp as you push my flexible legs all the way to the bed until my ankles are behind my ears. Yes, fuck me harder Harder HARDER! Now I'm back on my knees for more oral action. The taste of my own pussy on your cock makes me even wetter. I want to lick up every drop of my juices that are running down your balls. Slide your member back inside me, using my spit to ease the penetration into my tight, tiny pussy. Mmm, god, I love the way you move your hips like that. I could lay here for hours and let you bang me until I can't even walk straight. Hey, wait a minute, what's that I feel? Holy fuck, did you just cum inside me! I told you I'm not on birth control! You shot your load so deep inside me that there's no way I'll avoid getting pregnant! Contains the following erotic elements: CREAMPIE SURPRISE - BIG LOADS - POV - FUCKING - DOGGYSTYLE - PANTY FETISH - UPSKIRT - SHORT SKIRTS - PLAID SKIRTS - STRIP TEASE - THONGS - BIG TITS - DIRTY TALK - BRUNETTE - LEGS BEHIND HEAD - CLEAVAGE

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