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Are you sure you want to know your future? The Tarot is a powerful tool towards spiritual improvement. History has unfairly maligned the gift of Tarot because the messages the cards convey are what we need to hear, not what we want to hear. Everyone says they want to know their future, until I tell them the truth. If you insist on peering through the veil of time and reality, place the money on the table, and I'll tell you what I see in your cards. Very interesting. I see a man with purpose and desire striving in the world. He values his autonomy, his leadership, and his physical strength. He places much value on these traits, propping up his masculinity with muscles and pompous demonstration of his supposed self. As we can see, this leads to spiritual distraction. He is a fool, marching blindly into ruin. In the end, his belief in false strength is his downfall. The only way out of oblivion is to change his loyalties and give himself over to the divine feminine - represented here by the Empress card. This has to be a stupid carnival trick, you think. The whole reading is a rip off. That's not how your life is supposed to play out. You want your money back. And yet, you're feeling confused and woozy, now. Your body is getting heavy and tired. Is it the incense in my shop making you drowsy, or is it something else? In the blink of an eye, I am inches from your face, stroking your cheek. You feel my breath on your skin. Such contact from a stranger startles you, but you find you can neither look away from my dark, piercing eyes or pull away from my silky caress. My sultry voice seems to reverberate from inside your own skull as I tell you your ultimate destiny. I am your Empress now. Your body belongs to me and is no longer yours to control. I command you to stroke your cock. Your manhood leaps to attention and your hand obeys. You notice that your hard-earned muscles are withering before your very eyes, shrinking and weakening as you milk and massage your dick. As your limbs lose their meat, I dominate your vision, standing tall and menacing above my puny slave. Your strength was merely an illusion, and I am feasting on the flesh of your body, growing ever more powerful. I order you to cum, and with that expenditure of your body, you accept your fate. You are my slave for all time, mine to control in every way. And you will never, ever leave. Contains the following erotic elements: MINDFUCK - MESMERIZE - EROTIC MAGIC - MAGIC CONTROL - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - GODDESS WORSHIP - MUSCLE HUMILIATION - SHRINKING FETISH - FEMALE DOMINATION

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