Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Red Diablo Lipstick 2018-03-28


Download Larkin Love - Red Diablo Lipstick - 275.89 MB from 2018-03-28
My favorite lipstick in the entire world is called "Diablo," by Nars. It doesn't come in a tube - it comes in a little jar. I apply it ever so carefully with a makeup brush. It's a deep, rich, glossy red that makes my pillow lips look even bigger and ripe to be touched. In this video, you can watch me apply Diablo to my mouth with the gentle strokes of a tiny brush. Lots of devilish close-ups, lip-presses, lip-smacks, pouts, and puckers! On the close-ups, my glistening red lips fill the entire frame. (1920 X 1080 resolution, MP4 format) LIPSTICK FETISH - LIP FETISH - EXTREME CLOSE-UPS - MAKEUP - BRUNETTE - MOUTH FETISH

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mouth fetish lipstick fetish makeup extreme close-ups lip fetish