Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Powergirl vs Supergirl In The Mausoleum 2018-04-21


Download Larkin Love - Powergirl vs Supergirl In The Mausoleum - 987.44 MB from 2018-04-21
The evil alien, Brainiac, has Power Girl under his control, thanks to a devious device planted on her skull. Her thoughts become twisted as her body undergoes various changes, increasing her strength and inflaming her lust. Now she's hell-bent on destroying Supergirl completely. The crazed Kryptonian lass knocks out her beloved ally until Supergirl crumples to the ground. Power Girl binds the incapacitated heroine with Kryptonite rope to an ancient coffin. Supergirl awakens to a living nightmare as her friend proceeds to fondle and gag her without mercy. And as if this weren't enough, Power Girl produces another device provided by the insidious Brainiac; a vibro-wand powerful enough to leave even Supergirl writhing in orgasmic agony! Can nothing stop the maddened Power Girl from imposing orgasm after orgasm on her bound friend? (1920 x 1080 resolution, mp4 format) SUPERHEROINES - IMPOSED ORGASMS - ROPE BONDAGE - LESBIAN DOMINATION - HITACHI MAGIC WAND - BIG TITS - VIBRATORS - COSTUMES - BLONDES - BALL GAG - LIMP PLAY - KNOCKOUT

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