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My latest shopping trip was very productive. I bought myself a new pair of white satin panties to go with my white bra, as well as a new pair of black reinforced pantyhose. You can't take your eyes off me as I tease you by posing on the couch. Oh, do you like pantyhose? Is this your favorite style? I completely forgot. See, I didn't buy them for you to enjoy. I'm wearing them out tonight. Where am I going? If you can't guess by the "fuck me" dress I've pulled over my new lingerie, then you're even stupider than you look. Don't wait up. When I come back in the middle of the night, my hair is disheveled and my lipstick is smeared. You can tell from the big smile on my face that I was having a good time without you. Beg me to take my dress off. Do it. Get on your knees and beg your wife to show you a little peek of her body. Hah, you are a sorry excuse for a man. When I remove my dress, it becomes apparent that I had an EXCELLENT time without you; my panties are gone! Oops. I must have left them . . . somewhere else. You won't get a straight answer out of me, honey. I do whatever I want whenever I want. Come close. Look between my legs through the pantyhose you love so much. Take a deep whiff of my pussy. Inhale the scent of what you'll never get to have - the flower of my sex that I so freely share with others. Who had me tonight? Did I take a new lover? Will you ever know the truth about your cruel and beautiful wife? Starring Larkin Love CUCKOLDING - PANTYHOSE - PANTY FETISH - TEASE AND DENIAL - FEMALE DOMINATION - DOMESTIC SERVITUDE - CHASTITY - RED LIPSTICK

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