Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Oral Candy Tug Of War 2018-04-21


Download Larkin Love - Oral Candy Tug Of War - 90.2 MB from 2018-04-21
What happens when two bratty girls get their hands on a bag of candy? Sharing doesn't come easily to Elle or myself. We taunt each other, snatching candy out of each other's hands and mouths, trying to get the most for ourselves. We end up fighting over peach rings face to face in an oral game of tug-of--war! We each chomp on to the same peach ring and stretch it between our mouths until it finally snaps. Mmm, chewy and delicious! We finally make piece with one another and pass pieces of slobbery candy back and forth between our mouths. By the end of the candy, Elle and I are sharing some very sweet, sticky kisses. (1920 x 1080 resolution, mp4 format) TONGUE FETISH - MOUTH FETISH - GUMMY STRETCHING - BRAT GIRLS - GUMMY CHEWING - SHOWING CHEWED FOOD - SHARING CHEWED FOOD - FRENCH KISSING - LESBIAN - GIRL ON GIRL - CANDY FETISH

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