Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Nose Licking Tongue Slave Training 2018-04-21


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The quest to create the perfect tongue slave continues. I've already trained Hans to take the full length of my tongue in his mouth (see Gag On My Tongue). Now I'll use my long wet tongue to probe the other holes of his face. I lick his cheeks, chin, and forehead to whet my appetite. With a few swipes of my dripping wet oral appendage, his face is completely coated in thick coatings of spit. Then, I plunge the tip of my tongue into his nostrils - first one and then the other. I probe his sinus cavity, making him inhale deeply the scent of my saliva. Then I wiggle my tongue into his ears until his body shakes with the terrible pleasure of such an intimate invasion. Starring Larkin Love TONGUE FETISH - SPIT FETISH - FACE LICKING - NOSE LICKING - NOSE SUCKING - TONGUE IN NOSTRIL - TONGUE IN EAR - DROOLING - STRINGS OF SALIVA - SMELL FETISH - FEMALE DOMINATION - TONGUE DOMINATION

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