Larkin Love [ManyVids] - My Royal Chamberpot 2018-04-20


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This video was a custom commission. To order your own custom video, email [email protected]) Ugh, I have to go to the bathroom, but I don't want to get up off My comfortable bed. You know, a Queen like Me shouldn't have to walk all the way to the toilet every time I need to relieve Myself. In days of yore, a Queen used a chamber pot, brought to her by a special attendant. In fact, a Queen didn't even have to wipe herself clean. Instead, her servants had the great privilege of cleaning the filth from her royal body. You say you want to serve me in any way I see fit. Now's your chance. You're my new chamber pot slave. Only you won't be bringing me a basin in which to release My golden liquid nectar and solid waste. You ARE the chamber pot. Remember when you begged for the chance to serve Me with your mouth? I finally have a use for it. I'll just pull My panties aside, drop My butt over the edge of the bed, and you'll catch every speck of filth I excrete in that slave mouth of yours. As for wiping, cloths and tissues are too rough for My delicate skin. Instead, you'll use your tongue to clean My asshole. Really be thorough and dig your tongue in there. I want My Royal butt smelling like a rose. Ooh, I really have to go. Open your mouth, and get ready for it. Here it comes! I need My chamber pot right now more than ever! TOILET SLAVERY - ASSHOLE FETISH - FEMALE DOMINATION - SLAVE TRAINING - ORAL SERVITUDE - CLOSEUP OF TWITCHING ASSHOLE - URGENT BATHROOM NEEDS - DESCRIBING BODILY FUNCTIONS

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