Larkin Love [ManyVids] - My Long Tongue Vs. Your Short Prick, Zac 2018-04-20


Download Larkin Love - My Long Tongue Vs. Your Short Prick, Zac - 140.36 MB from 2018-04-20
This video was a custom commission. Want your own custom video? Email [email protected]) My super long tongue is your obsession. Just a glimpse of my wet, pink, oral endowment makes your little prick stiff with anticipation. You want to see it, don't you. You want me to stick my tongue out and show off its length to fuel your perverted jerk-off fantasies. I knew it. Well, this time, I'm not going to do it for free. You have to do something for me first, Zachary. You're going to give me a show. I want you to pull your tiny dick out and jerk it for me. First I'll give you a quick foot tease to get you hard. The moment you're fully stiff, I want your eyes on my face. Not my tits, not my feet, my face only. Listen to my instructions and follow them to the letter. If you do really well, I'll give you a sneak peek of the monster in my mouth - but no full view until I've had my fun. Here's the important part: when it's time for you to cum, you have to spurt right in your hand and then lick it all up. I mean it. I want to see your hand completely clean. But don't swallow right away. Swirl it around a little. Get the taste all over your mouth. Push it through your teeth and make some bubbles for me, my "little friend." Earn your right to a lovely reward - a wet, dripping tongue show just for you. Good job, tongue-slut. FEMALE DOMINATION - SPH - SMALL PENIS ENCOURAGEMENT - CUM EATING INSTRUCTION - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - JERK-OFF INSTRUCTION - JOI - STOCKINGS - SHOE DANGLING - HIGH HEELS - DIRTY TALK - FACE FETISH - TONGUE DOMINATION - TONGUE FETISH - MOUTH FETISH

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