Larkin Love [ManyVids] - My Cocksucking Boyfriend 2018-04-20


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Honey, we need to talk. I was using your computer to surf the web, and I noticed that you had some personal ads in your browser history. At first I thought you must be looking for a new girlfriend, but then I read some of the profiles. Why were you looking in the "MW4M" section? Those ads are for couples looking for a male third partner. Most of them are looking for a guy who will go both ways and loves to suck cock. Is this what you really want, baby? You want to go down on a guy? I can't believe you would hide this from me for so long. I have to tell you, this new discovery makes me feel . . . ECSTATIC! Whoo hoo! You have no idea how happy I am! I've wanted to see you suck cock for ages, but never had the nerve to ask! This is great! We should invite another man over and have some fun. But before we bring over a guest, let's make sure your mouth can handle the meat. Try your cocksucking skills on my strap-on. It never hurts to practice. Mmm, you sure look sexy with that fat dick in your mouth. You're a natural, baby. Let's see if you can deep throat my dick and stroke your throbbing erection at the same time. When you're ready to shoot your load, I want you to take as much of this dick in your mouth and throat as you can. Starring Larkin Love IMPOSED BI - STRAP-ON - BLOWJOB TRAINING - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - SENSUAL FEMALE DOMINATION - VERBAL ENCOURAGEMENT - BISEXUAL MALE FANTASIES

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