Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Mom and Aunt Taboo CEI 2018-03-28


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Son, get in here! I'm furious with you. You put the jizz-stained t-shirt you use as a cum rag into the dryer without washing it. Now all of Aunt Vera's clothing stinks of your spunk! Disgusting. This is the last straw. Between the cum stains on the carpet, the sticky kleenex crammed under furniture, crusty socks under your bed, and now THIS, your jerk off habit needs serious reform. You are going to drain your balls right here, right now, young man. And instead of flinging your cock-snot on the nearest available surface, you are going to lap up every single drop from your own hand. Do you understand me?! Your aunt and I will are not leaving until we see you cum, so we know your cock is totally empty and out of commission for a while. Starring Larkin Love and Vera Price. Contains the following erotic elements: TABOO - CUM EATING INSTRUCTIONS - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTIONS - MASTURBATION HUMILIATION - VIRTUAL HAND JOB - MILF - VERBAL HUMILIATION - MOM/AUNT/SON ROLE PLAY

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