Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Mesmerize Cuckold BBC Training JOI 2018-03-28


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Good morning, honey. Did you dream of anything . . . strange? Not at all? Wow, I guess these mental reprogramming tapes work as well as they were advertised! I've been doing some thinking, darling, and I can't sit around waiting for you to give me what I want. I've been dropping hints for years, but you just don't seem to get it. The thing that would make me happiest in this marriage is - A BIG BLACK DICK! I know you and I talked about the possibility of an open marriage on our last anniversary. But that didn't go so hot, did it? You started crying and I was left unsatisfied yet again. Your little white dick isn't enough for me. It's a fact of life and you need to get over it. And seeing as you couldn't work through that yourself, I took the liberty of reprogramming your head while you were in bed. All I have to do is say the trigger words implanted during the programming, and your mind will become as soft and accepting as pudding. You'll do anything I say. Your will is no longer your own. Today's training exercise will prepare you to be the perfect cuckold - not to merely sit idly by and watch while your wife fucks a black bull in your marriage bed, but to participate and help me with the tryst. You'll fluff my lover with your mouth and hands. You'll guide his enormous black dick into my tight white pussy. And when the bull has had his fill of fucking me raw and unprotected, you'll clean the excess semen from between my legs with your tongue. And you'll love every second of it. To cement this sexual imprinting, I'll have you stroke yourself off while following my visualization commands. And as for the finish, well, it's about time you got used to the taste of fresh cum! Contains the following erotic elements: CUCKOLDING - IMPOSED BI - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - CUM EATING INSTRUCTION - MESMERIZE - MAGIC CONTROL - IMAGES OF HUGE BLACK COCKS - TEASE AND DENIAL - SMALL PENIS ENCOURAGEMENT - FEMALE DOMINATION - FEMDOM POV

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