Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Make Mom Feel Sexy Again 2018-03-28


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Son, are you still up? Your bedroom light is on. I know I said I wouldn't be home until tomorrow morning, but my date didn't go so well. Son? Oh my god, I've caught you with your pants around your ankles. Hah, well, I guess I can't be too upset. You are a growing boy after all and have your urges. Hell, even your Momma has her urges. Too bad my over-the-hill, old-ass date couldn't get it up for me. That's the problem with dating men my age - they just don't have the stamina that young studs do. Oh, don't be embarrassed. Do you know how many times I've seen you naked? Thousands! Though I must say, your cock sure has grown since you were in diapers! Maybe it's the cabernet talking, but I really don't mind that you were playing with yourself. However, this Playboy that you were looking at is garbage. You know I don't like you reading that kind of trash. Plus, the centerfold isn't even that sexy. Her tits aren't NOTHIN' compared to mine. If you want to jerk off to some big titties, take a look at my rack! That's right, kiddo, your mother is still stacked! Well well well, just look at your hard-on. Looks like someone is enjoying what he sees. Go ahead and keep playing with yourself, honey. It feels good to see someone get hard from looking at me. Keep stroking for me. That limp old date of mine hurt my feelings. Momma wants to feel sexy again. I know your firm, young balls are just aching with sperm thanks to your surging hormones. Show me how much you like Momma's titties by shooting your spunk all over them. That's a good boy. (1920 x 1080 resolution, mp4 format) Contains the following erotic elements: TABOO - MOTHER/SON FANTASY - YOUNGER MAN/OLDER WOMAN - MILF - BIG TITS - JERK OFF INSTRUCTION - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - JOI - TIPSY - SLURRED SPEECH

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