Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Little Dick Gets Tongue-Fucked 2018-03-28


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Well don't you have the sweetest little cock! Look at it standing at attention. It's positively adorable. I wonder how big a load you have saved up in those dainty little balls. The question is: how to get you off? My hand won't do. My index finger is bigger than your manhood by far! There is no way I could fuck you with my pussy. I'm afraid I wouldn't feel a thing and end up breaking your poor little penis right off. I know! I'll use my super long tongue. Wow, my tongue is huge anyway, but your mini-meat makes it look like an anaconda! I can wrap it all the way around your shaft, completely enveloping your dick in my wet, warm, muscular oral appendage. In fact, I can use my tongue to make a miniature "pussy" for you. Watch how I can lick your entire package from your balls to your tip at the same time. How many licks will it take to make your pint-sized prick blow its top? Starring Larkin Love SMALL PENIS ENCOURAGEMENT - PLAYFUL VERBAL TEASING - TONGUE FETISH - MOUTH FETISH - LICKING - SIMULATED BLOW JOB - BALL LICKING - SPIT FETISH - CUM IN MOUTH - BRUNETTE

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