Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Laughed At By Your Date For Being Small 2018-05-08


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It's funny. You're really not my type. If I hadn't been so surprised by you asking me out, I wouldn't have said yes. But I actually had some fun tonight. And the night isn't over yet. I didn't bring you back to my place to share cookie recipes. I didn't get dressed up in a tight red cocktail number for my health. You know what I'm after. I want what any woman wants after a night on the town - a nice, thick, hard cock. Pull down your pants and show me what you're packing. Screw the romance, I want to see the meat. Well, what are you waiting for? Come on! Are you going to fuck me or what? Oh. Oh dear. Really? Jesus christ, I can't believe I shaved my pussy for this bullshit. Usually when I don't like what I see, I just fake a headache, but this is ridiculous. What on earth makes you think you could fuck a woman like me with that weasel dick? I'm almost insulted. You look sad. Don't tell me you've never heard this before! I refuse to believe that. Well, since I won't be getting satisfied tonight, you should at least give me a show. Stroke off. I want to see you do it. You thought you were going to get lucky anyway, so what does it matter to you? See this beautiful body you don't get to have? Now's your chance to get one last look before I kick you out. Stroke your little cock and say you're sorry for spoiling my night. Starring Larkin Love Contains the following erotic elements: SPH - FEMALE DOMINATION - VERBAL TEASING - ARROGANT WOMAN - FEMDOM POV - BIG TITS - FEMDOM

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