Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Kitsune Seduction: Asian Fox Girl JOI 2018-03-28


Download Larkin Love - Kitsune Seduction: Asian Fox Girl JOI - 505.46 MB from 2018-03-28
Watch this video and 100's more with unlimited streaming at Don't you know it's dangerous to travel alone into the woods at night? They say Kitsune live in those mountain forests. The old stories describe them as otherworldly beings that change shape from fox to human at will. Some are playful and even benevolent. But others . . . their intentions are not so clear. Beware the beautiful girl who beckons from beneath the trees at dusk. Who is she, really? Why can't you look away from her eyes? You can't resist her seductions. She feeds on your lust and manipulates your mind. A human soul is precious to a Kitsune. A contract written in your bodily fluids will seal the deal. If you aren't careful, you may be trapped by her enchantments forever. Contains the following erotic elements: COSPLAY - MESMERIZE - SENSUAL DOMINATION - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - MAGIC CONTROL. Starring Larkin Love

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