Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Imposed Smoking Slave 2018-03-28


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I love cigarettes. I've been a smoker for 14 years and I will never quit for anyone. It's just my luck that I'd find a submissive boyfriend that hates tobacco with a passion. Every time I light up, Hans rolls his eyes and begs me to put it out. No more of that! For his insolence, I'll turn him into my personal cigarette slave. He's so addicted to my affection that he'll do anything I say. Hans thinks he's in for some carnal fun when I tell him to put on his collar. Hah, think again! First, I make him sit by my side while I smoke an American Spirit. With wicked glee, I blow my smoke into his face. That would be torture enough for the poor boy, but I want to put him in his place completely. I begin to pass my exhalations to him with a kiss, blowing smoke directly into his lungs. I laugh at his struggle for air as he coughs and wheezes. Even that isn't enough for me. I make him light me my second cigarette - and then smoke it for me, passing the smoke to my lips from his mouth. I love turning this smoke-hating health nut into my personal human tobacco filter. Starring Larkin Love SMOKING - FEMALE DOMINATION - COUGHING FETISH - PASSING SMOKE - KISSING - IMPOSED SMOKING - HUMAN TOBACCO FILTER - SLAVE TRAINING

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