Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Ginger Learns Her Place 2018-04-20


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This video contains Old Fashioned Discipline for Ginger, and Tit Spanking Discipline For Ginger. Now you can watch the 2 part story as a single video.) When Ginger's parents left the country for a month, they left me in charge of their mansion, their household staff, and their willful daughter, Ginger. She may look too old for a babysitter, but believe me when I say that brat is anything but well behaved. Just today I found her in her bedroom with a bottle of vodka she'd stolen from her parents' booze cabinet! This unruly behavior stops now! A little old-fashioned discipline is in order! I put the willful girl over my knee and give her round bottom a thorough spanking with my hands. Unbelievable! Even with her butt as red as a cherry, she continued her rude language and antics. It was then I knew I'd have to "turn the other cheek" and use a wooden hairbrush to hammer home the value of good behavior! Still unrepentant, eh, Ginger? It's time to try less conventional methods. First, I bind the girl's arms behind her back so that she can embrace my corrective measures fully. Then, I open her blouse to reveal delicious creamy breasts in a shocking black lace bra. So you've been wearing lingerie like a hussy, too?! My goodness, Ginger, you're in for it now! I must confess, I enjoy putting the vicious metal clamps to her tender pink nipples. She whimpers so delightfully under their bite. But the lesson really sinks in when I begin to slap her pale, bouncing bosom until it turns crimson. Starring Larkin Love SPANKING F/F - LESBIAN DOMINATION - BIG BUTTS - REDHEAD - BRAT GIRLS - SHORT SKIRT - WHITE PANTIES - HAND SPANKING - HAIRBRUSH SPANKING - OVER THE KNEE (OTK) SPANKING - STRICT GOVERNESS - NIPPLE PLAY - TIT BUSTING - TIT SPANKING - NIPPLE LICKING - TAPE BONDAGE - SCHOOL GIRL OUTFIT

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