Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Futa Facial For Sissy Son 2018-04-20


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This video was a custom commission. To order your own custom video, email [email protected] for a price quote.) I've caught you at last, son! I knew you were up to something in your room! And now I know exactly what it is: you're a sissy! And not just any kind of sissy. No, you're the slutty type who can't wait to spread her cheeks for a throbbing, rock hard cock. Look at your short skirt! You can't even bend over without displaying your brazen ass! Am I angry? No, son, you have the wrong idea. I'm actually elated! I always suspected you were a sissy slut. I've been hoping this day would finally come! See, I've got a present for you - something I've been saving all this time for the right moment. I just know you'll love it. Lay on your back, grab your ankles, and spread your virgin asshole for M0mmy. Mmm, you're REALLY tight! I bet you didn't know your Mother was so hung, did you? I'm going to break in your "pussy" to my heart's content tonight. Stroke your desperate cock while I fuck you right to the hilt over and over again. Just remember - good girls don't let cocks cum inside their butthole on the first date. This hot load of mine is going to end up all over your face! Contains the following erotic elements: TABOO - MOM/SON ROLEPLAY - STRAP-ON - FUTA - FUTANARI - FACIALS - SISSY SLUTS - SISSY TRAINING - PEGGING - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - EJACULATING DILDO - BIG TITS - TOPLESS - BLOUSE FETISH - FEMALE DOMINATION - FEMDOM POV

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