Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Feminization Hex Has You Under Control 2018-04-20


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Ahah! I've caught you trying to steal my treasure. What a fool you must be to try to steal from a witch. For that offence, execution would be a fitting punishment. However, you also interrupted my communion with The Goddess - a sacred rite that men must never witness. For that, you deserve a lingering punishment. A quick end would be too good for you! I want you to suffer. Part by part, I will replace your masculine traits with the soft, feminine curves of a woman. Will I leave you as a half-changed freak - a man with tits or a bearded lady? Will I turn you into a woman in every way except your penis? Or will I complete the hex and make you a woman PERMANENTLY? Masturbate for me, my little freak of nature. Your will is mine now, and I want to humiliate you for disrupting my rituals and stealing my property. You will cum whether you want to or not. How well you perform determines the state in which I'll leave your body! Only I know if you'll be male, female, or something in between by the end of this game! TRANSFORMATION FANTASIES - TRANSFORMATION FETISH - IMPOSED FEM - MAGICAL CONTROL - SUPERNATURAL - DEGRADATION - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - CHANGING INTO A WOMAN PIECE BY PIECE - SPECIAL EFFECTS - CUM COUNTDOWN WITH RANDOM NUMBERS - SURPRISE ENDING - GOTHIC - BRUNETTE - BIG TITS - JOI (1920 X 1080 resolution, mp4 format

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