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The other doctors at our treatment center say you're an incurable masturbator, absolutely beyond any hope of treatment. I'm significantly more optimistic than my colleagues. They might say my methods are . . . unorthodox. However, I have yet to meet a patient I can't cure. And if you have been referred to my office, it means you need all the help you can get. There's nothing wrong with masturbation at all. It's how you go about it that's troublesome. I believe I've found the source of your problem. You're afraid of what a woman would think of your cock, what she'd feel as she watched you stroke yourself to orgasm. To cure yourself of this private obsession, you must confront your phobia. Jerk off in front of me. I will watch the entire time. I won't dim the lights or look away politely. No, this is full frontal exposure. Masturbate and take in the experience of being really, truly seen. Only then will you be free from the secret, compulsive jacking off that torments you day and night. MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - MEDICAL FETISH - THERAPIST ROLE PLAY - LATEX - BIG TITS - DIRTY TALK - JOI

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