Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Draining My Son's Huge Balls 2018-04-05


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I've had it up to HERE with your masturbatory antics, son! These panties were in the clean laundry, and you used them as a jizz rag! Why do you keep doing this to my underwear? That's the 4th time this week! I know you're at that age where your hormones are pumping, but this is ridiculous. I never have any clean panties any more! They're all crusted in your cum. I swear, you're like a jizz machine. How many times can you cum in a day? It's insane. There's only one way to make sure you don't do this again tonight behind my back. Whip out your cock, son. You have to jerk off until you cum. Yes, right in front of me. If you're having difficulty getting hard, I can give you some inspiration . . . My goodness, son, you're so big! Since when did your cock grow to be so long and thick? Mmm, that's amazing. And look at your heavy, swollen balls. No wonder you have to cum so much all the time. Poor darling. Well, I'm not mad at you any more. I understand. Heck, I'll even play with myself along with you. But don't think you can get out of this one. And mark my words, you'll be disposing of that sperm in a way that doesn't make any mess. Contains the following erotic elements: TABOO - JOI - BIG DICKS - BIG BALLS - BIG LOADS - COCK WORSHIP - MILFS - CUM EATING INSTRUCTION - MUTUAL MASTURBATION

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