Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Diaper Lover Exposed By Stripper SPH JOI 2018-04-05


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Lil Dick Diaper Boy Exposed At Stripclub) Ready for your lapdance, honey? I know we didn't come back to the champagne room just to talk. Let's get this party started! I'll just shimmy out of this constrictive corset, and we'll . . . hey, what's that in your pants? I just touched your crotch and it . . . CRINKLED. What are you wearing under there. Oh my god it's a diaper! Why the fuck are you wearing that? Do you have a medical condition? NO? Ewww, you're one of those diaper perverts! You must be really twisted in the head to go to a strip club while wearing your dipey-wipey. I'd bet money that you have a really small penis as well. You do, don't you! Show me! Wow, that is the tiniest dick I have ever seen. It's smaller than a midget's pinky finger. And you were gonna trick me into grinding on it, weren't you. You wanted me to grind my ass and titties on your little prick through your crinkley, thick, padded diaper. You disgusting freak! When I grind on a cock, I want a real hard, thick, long piece of man meat - not that little scrap of skin you just showed me. Put your pee-pee away, mister. Since you already paid for the champagne room, I might as well let you get some gratification. However, I am not going to dance for you. You have to take matters into your own hands. And don't jerk off into your hands. You'd get your ball sweat and tiny-cock juice everywhere. Just rub your nubbin through your diaper. Does that feel good, diaper-boy? Ooh, is big baby gonna cum? Keep wubbing your widdle pwick, diaper baby. Make a big ol' mess in your diaper, where it belongs. Starring Larkin Love. FEMALE DOMINATION - SPH - SMALL PENIS ENCOURAGEMENT - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - DIAPER FETISH - ADULT DIAPER - BABY TALK - TEASE AND DENIAL - BIG TITS - CUM IN DIAPER

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