Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Deep Wet Coughing Fit 2018-04-05


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I've been sick for two days, and my chest is filled with fluid. The slightest inhalation makes my lungs rumble like a cement mixer. I take in as much air as I can and begin to cough. It's a difficult task to get the mucus up. The muscles of my neck and shoulders strain as I hack and wheeze, struggling to get a clear breath. At last, I cough up a warm pearl of mucus, fresh from my sore, damp lungs. The loogey drips from the tip of my tongue and on to the floor with a splat. I swallow against the pain in my throat, blink a few times, and sigh. Against my will, I begin to cough again. This fit of crackling, bubbling, deep lung coughs continues nonstop until my face is flushed and my eyes bugging out of my skull. My tits bounce and jiggle with the vibrations of my diaphragm. I expel wad after wad of wet mucus from my throat and let it drip slowly off my tongue. I finish with a productive, soggy nose blow, which completely soaks through my tissue in no time flat. (1920 X 1080 resolution, mp4 format) COUGHING FETISH - SPIT FETISH - SPITTING - NOSE BLOWING - SWALLOWING/DROOLING - MOUTH FETISH - TONGUE FETISH - PRODUCTIVE COUGH - WET BREATHING - SICK WITH A COLD

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