Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Creamy Lesbian Kisses 2018-02-26


Download Larkin Love - Creamy Lesbian Kisses - 80.95 MB from 2018-02-26
People have been using whipped cream to spice up their love lives since time immemorial - but nobody does it as well as Elle and I do. We take turns filling our mouths with the sweet, fluffy cream, rolling it all over our tongues until it melts, before kissing each other deeply, passing the cream back and forth. As the confection mixes with our saliva, it takes on a thick, suggestive consistency. We hardly notice as it drips down our chins and onto our breasts. Our minds are elsewhere - lost in the depths of pleasure and passion. Elle sucks the glistening white cream and saliva off of my tongue and moans with pleasure. I suck on her sugared lips, giving them a playful bite. This is some of the most beautiful sensual oral play I have ever shot. (1920 X 1080 resolution, mp4 format) TONGUE FETISH - MOUTH FETISH - KISSING - LESBIAN - GIRL ON GIRL - WHIPPED CREAM - SWALLOWING/DROOLING - SPIT FETISH - SALIVA STRINGS - FOOD - TOPLESS

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