Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Cocooned And Slobbered 2018-04-05


Download Larkin Love - Cocooned And Slobbered - 92.49 MB from 2018-04-05
Ever since I discovered bondage tape, I feel like a big, nasty spider wrapping up my victims as if they were little flies. Look at poor Dynamite. He's completely helpless laying on my pool table, almost mummified in two colors of tape. I do so love a gift-wrapped submissive! But you better think twice if you think I'm going to unwrap him. It's time for the unwitting prey to get one of my signature tongue baths. I cover his entire face with full-tongued, slobbery licks, probing the tip into his eye sockets, nostrils, mouth, and under his chin. My victims always struggle, but Dynamite puts up the fight of his life, cursing, shouting, and kicking every moment of his unrelenting tongue bath. I'm not easily deterred, however, and successfully coat him from neck to scalp in thick, glistening slicks of saliva. I dangle the promise of release just over his head for a moment . . . before flouncing out of the room to devise his next torture. His moans of disgust and agony are music to my ears! (1920 X 1080 resolution, mp4 format) Contains the following erotic elements: TONGUE FETISH - FACE LICKING - LICKING - BIG TITS - TAPE BONDAGE - FEMALE DOMINATION - BRAT GIRLS - PARTIAL MUMMIFICATION - DROOLING - TONGUE DOMINATION - SCHOOLGIRL SKIRT

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school uniform tape bondage tongue fetish female domination face licking