Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Cockmeat Sandwich 2018-04-05


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You're so addicted to my body, you've come to me, crawling on your knees, begging for permission to cum. You know that I own all your orgasms, and that you can't achieve release by looking at any other woman. You can only cum for your beloved Queen. You're so pathetic. This latex dress of mine must be driving you wild. Poor little slave! Ok, ok, I'll let you jerk off to my titties - if you do a little something for me as well. When you play in my realm, you play by my rules. Go get yourself a sandwich and bring it here. Preferably a sub sandwich of some sort. Leave off the condiments. We're going to make our own mayo today! Mmmm, before this is over, you'll be eating your very own cockmeat sandwich. God, you men are so stupid, you'll do anything for a wank - even eat your own semen like a fag. Starring Larkin Love Contains the following erotic elements: CUM EATING INSTRUCTION - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - FEMALE DOMINATION - BRAT GIRLS - BIG TITS - LATEX - JERK OFF INSTRUCTION - LAUGHING - RIDICULE

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