Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Blue Velvet Gloss 2018-04-05


Download Larkin Love - Blue Velvet Gloss - 100.4 MB from 2018-04-05
Listen up, lipstick freaks: I have a wild new color. It's a deep, beautiful blue velvet color with liquid foil shine and heavy pigment. My pillowy full lips are the perfect canvas. As I line my lips with blue pencil, I moan with anticipation for the silky lipstick to come. I apply the color slowly, savoring the sensation of thick, creamy color spreading over my superior labial nerves. Mm, I love the feeling of this lipgloss wrapped around my mouth as a second skin. The blue is unsurpassed. Deep and metallic with a hint of sparkle, I've never seen anything like it. This definitely warrants a second coat! And a third! The unusual color highlights my pouts, air kisses, lip smacks, and sly smiles - all in close-up HD for your enjoyment. My long tongue looks extra febrile and pink on this extreme cerulean background. Starring Larkin Love. Contains the following erotic elements: LIPSTICK FETISH - LIP FETISH - MOUTH FETISH - TONGUE FETISH - MAKEUP - FACE FETISH - EXTREME CLOSE-UPS

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mouth fetish lipstick fetish makeup extreme close-ups lip fetish