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Hey, dude, where did all the mayonnaise go? I just bought this jar this morning, and now it's mostly empty! Bro? Are you in your room? Why aren't you answering me... oh my god. So THAT is where mom's neck massager went. I can't believe my little brother doesn't know how to jerk-off properly. Dude, that isn't how you do it. And you don't use mayonnaise as lube! In the interest of saving more household items from "disappearing" into your room, let me show you the right way to stroke your cock. Do as I say, and I won't tell Mom and Dad about what I saw you doing in here. See, it's easy to jerk-off. I'll tell you exactly how to make it feel the best. I'll even take off my top and let you look at my big boobies - they are the largest in school, after all! You sure have grown since we used to take baths together. Your hard, young cock is as big as Dad's! Pump your dick for me until you spray your load all over your big sister's tits! Come on, cum for me, or I'll tell on you . . . TABOO - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - JERK OFF INSTRUCTION - JOI - SEX ED - BIG TITS - BRUNETTE - LITTLE BROTHER/BIG SISTER FANTASIES Starring Larkin Love

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