Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Beta Male Sissy Anal Orgasm JOI CEI 2018-04-05


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I see that your treatment has been progressing well! It's all thanks to your compliance in wearing your chastity device. The less you fight the changes to your daily routine and your body, the easier you'll find the process. Daily cum eating is draining the toxic masculinity right out of you. You're becoming more docile and peaceful, accepting of your true nature. Your wife certainly can tell the difference. She's much happier now that you aren't hanging on her apron strings and sucking the life out of her with your insecurities. You're not out of the woods yet, my friend. Now, you begin stage 2. Your former sexuality will have to be altered. Whereas before, your orgasms were penile, you will train yourself to have anal orgasms only. The end goal is to eventually eliminate the need to touch your cock whatsoever. I know it sounds strange to you, but life as a Domestic Sissy will be far more rewarding than your male facade ever was. This "clone-a-willy" kit will allow you to create a copy of your own penis. The resulting phallus should be a perfect anatomical match for your ass, and be small enough to use daily and often. Before I end this house call check-up, I must insist that you bring yourself to anal orgasm under my supervision. The prostate can be difficult to find the first time, and I will not see you back sliding because of your own blunders. Simply insert your fingers into your anus and follow my instructions . . . Starring Larkin Love, Vera Price. Contains the following erotic elements: PROSTATE MASSAGE INSTRUCTION - ANAL ORGASM TRAINING - CUM EATING INSTRUCTION - SPH - JOI - FEMDOM POV - MEDICAL FETISH - SISSY TRAINING - CHASTITY - BETA MALE THERAPY

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