Larkin Love [ManyVids] - Barefoot Cupcake Trample Messy Feet WAM 2018-02-26


Download Larkin Love - Barefoot Cupcake Trample Messy Feet WAM - 96.91 MB from 2018-02-26
quot;Cupcake Ecstasy" - I've arranged 21 perfect, sweet, beautiful confections to die under my feet. Watch as I revel in the sensation of creamy frosting and moist, sticky cake under my feet. Long ribbons of frosting burst from between my toes. I crush some of the cupcakes slowly, adding my weight by degrees, gradually crushing it into oblivion. Others I stomp with delightful vigor, sending flecks of cake and sprinkles in all directions. When the cakes have been reduced to a paste, I grind my feet into the mess, getting every inch of skin coated in goo. The sensations drive me mad. My moans become frenzied. I rub one foot against another, smearing the muck on the tops of my feet, my ankles, and my heels. I turn my filthy soles up for the camera to see, wiggling my toes with delight. Destruction is delicious. (Starring Larkin Love) FOOT FETISH - CRUSHING - DESTRUCTION - STOMPING - FOOD CRUSH - BAREFOOT - DIRTY FEET

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foot fetish wet & messy dirty feet food & object crush stomping