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quot;Brainwashed Sissy Baby For Life" - Your wife has sent you to counseling again. She says it's the only way to save your marriage, so you dutifully enter my office and sit down in front of me. You've been coming here for weeks. It's the strangest thing: you can never quite remember what happens during our sessions, but you always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. In day to day life, you're becoming more calm and docile. You feel a patience growing within you that borders on total complacency. What exactly am I doing to you, anyway? Once your conscious mind is under my control, I tell you that your treatment is almost complete. I give you the hard news. Your marriage as you once knew it can not be saved. But don't despair, because a new life awaits you. You and your wife can live your lives together, but things have to change drastically. And they have to change right now. I explain to you that your toxic masculinity is hurting your wife's potential for happiness. You see, she and I have discussed your marriage in depth, and found that we are madly attracted to each other. I'd venture to say that we've fallen in love. Obviously, your presence is a nucense to our affair. We both agree that you'll be easier to manage when you give up all adult responsibility and cease the silly macho posturing. It's my job to remove that poison from your psyche. I'm going to use my skills as a therapist to reshape your personality and memories into something more palatable. I'm going to turn you into a sissy baby girl. The thought of becoming a baby girl should frighten you, but my soothing voice carries you away into a trance. It's all starting to make sense, really. If your wife is happier with you in diapers and me in the marriage bed, then why shouldn't it be so? Yes. Your resistance is weakening. Your old life is fading into nothingness, moment by moment. Soon, all that will be left is a sweet, docile sissy baby, who can only babble helplessly as I fuck the woman you used to call wife. Your pleasures are simple now. You are addicted to nursing, and beg for it as often as possible. You like to wear your pink frilly baby clothes and suck your pacifier. And you love your snug, crinkly pink diapers that you wear 24/7. I'm going to diaper you now, sissy baby, and as I make you cum in your thick, cottony diaper, your fate is sealed. You will never return to adult life again. (1920 X 1080p resolution, 1080P mp4 format) Contains the following erotic elements: ABDL - FEMALE DOMINATION - AGE REGRESSION - MESMERIZE - CUCKOLD - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - ASMR - DIAPER FETISH - THERAPIST ROLE PLAY. Starring Larkin Love

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