Lana Rain [ManyVids] - D.Va Learns There Is Pleasure In Defeat 2018-02-12


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[A-TIER][PLOT][COSPLAY][ROLE-PLAY] D.Va allows her pride and ego as an undefeated StarCraft champion go to her head and learns a hard lesson in humility... // ...or does she ^_-? |||||||||||||||||||||||||| The point of view of the camera switches between my DSLR and my C920 webcam via a Skype call to imitate the look of a "Skype Video Call" for authenticity. This was delayed so many times due to rendering problems, my movers for my move to a new apartment in bad timing with my finishing of my video, and countless more problems upon arriving and unpacking at my new place (to which I'm not done with haha). ||||||||||||||||||| I consider this my most artistic A-Tier thus far. I decided to place extra emphasis on lore-relevant concepts being that D.Va, aka Hana Song, is a former RTS champion as a Starcraft player and I'm close friends with a few who have stellar backgrounds in the field. This is my nod to them and a show of my appreciation for the level of talent the RTS eSport community possesses.

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