Jessica Starling [ManyVids] - Samus Sucks, Fucks and Does Anal 2018-02-19


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After getting her suit destroyed in a fight with Ridley, Samus manages to crawl back to her ship to recover. As she rests, Ridley finds her, but doesn't finish her. The Xenodragon didn't realize he was trying to get rid of such a babe. Samus wakes up and sees Ridley standing over her, staring, his huge alien cock fully erect. Samus sees an opportunity to defeat her opponent. She proposes that the fuck before Ridley comes back to his senses and disposes of her, to which he happily agrees. Samus tells him she's experienced with alien cock -- hell, she's a god damn space bounty hunter, she's done all kinds of stuff. She sucks his cock a bit before slipping it inside her. Ridley fucks her pussy hard until Samus starts to ride him. Then, Samus begs for Ridley to put his dragonic cock inside her asshole. Ridley pounds her ass and Samus takes it like a champ, being able to fit nearly all of his massive girth inside her. Finally, Samus has a powerful anal orgasm. Ridley is then worn out and closes his eyes. Samus immediately takes advantage of this opportunity and disposes of him with her laser pistol. "Too easy," she says. | Tags: cosplay, bad dragon, big tits, big boobs, natural tits, dildo fucking, blowjob, role play, anal, riding, gape, anal orgasm

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