Jessica Starling [ManyVids] - Cursed Doll Wants to Play (and Fuck 2018-02-19


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You knew something wasn't right about that life-size doll you got from that garage sale. It's cursed, and it comes to life before your eyes. The doll wants to play with you. Forever. And also fuck, apparently. She takes out her tits and tells you to touch them, that they're soft and as real as you are. She takes out your cock, spits on it, and starts to stroke it, making you tell her how good it feels. She lets you fuck her big tits before she takes off her panties and begs you to fuck her. You're hesitant -- are you really going to fuck a cursed doll? She spreads her pussy so you can see how wet she is and starts to rub her clit while she pleads you to put your cock inside her. You finally give in and fuck her while she lays on her back, still rubbing her clit. She tells you that you need to cum inside her, and that she wants to cum at the same time. She tells you when she's close, and you two cum hard. She spreads her pussy for you again so you can see all the cum inside her. And, like that, she turns back into a normal doll again. Until next time. | Tags: long hair, brunette, big tits, big boobs, natural tits, Halloween, handjob, titty fucking, titjob, spit, fingering, pussy spreading, begging, dildo fucking, creampie, cream pie

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