Destinationkat [ManyVids] - Happy Anniversary 2018-12-22


Download Destinationkat - Happy Anniversary - 2.2 GB from 2018-12-22
Includes the names Chris and Katherine. It's your anniversary with your wife. You always invite me over to celebrate, but this time I have my own plans. You walk into the bedroom to find me sitting on your bed. Your wife is busy making dinner. You've always been into me. You like me more than her. I make you harder than she makes you. I give you JOI and make you cum a couple times. Your wife goes out to get something. I have you call her and continue to jerk off while on the phone. She's probably picking up your gift.. while you're here stroking to me! I have you cum a couple more times while on the phone with her. I continue, but your wife (pretend) walks in. She's upset by what she sees. I have you fuck me in front of her. I have to show her how to treat a man the right way. You cum inside me a couple times while she watches and cries. Happy Anniversary. **This was a custom. There are no cum shots or creampie's shown, they are all meant to be implied

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