AsianDreamX [ManyVids] - Who is best in 69? Wrestling GG Aiko Jem 2018-04-03


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Looks: You: Hair in pigtails. Different color stockings on Scene 1 - Warming up: Kneeling towards each other. "Let's see which of us is best in 69." ... begin to kiss with tongue. ... lick Jem's nipples. Some close camera shots Jem licks your nipples. Some close camera shots Im pulling Jem down so she is laying on the bed facing up. We begin to lick each other's nipples in a 69 way. Some close ups showing us licking each other's nipples in the frame. Fingering each other. Scene 2 - 69ing!: Wrestling with each other to make the partner cum first eventually getting on top and then being down and pinched with hands. lots of fun! WHo gonna win? Scene 3 - Winner's prize: loser fingers, kisses, and plays with the winner's nipples. Winner orgasms. Loser holds the winner in the same position and keeps playing with the winner's clit. Winner goes crazy from being so sensitive after orgasm. "Maybe we should have a rematch?" PLEASE take a minute to put review. I would really appreciate it! 5 reviews=1 FREE VID. BUY 4 VIDS at once get one FREE [MSG me!] CHECK OUT MY WALL FOR CURRENT CONTEST BONUSES AND PRIZES FOR VOTES! one free hand? VOTE! ^~^ It is SUPER important for me. I will thank you appropriately! :3 AMAZING JEM:

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