AsianDreamX [ManyVids] - SEDUCING JOI Eyes Smile Face CLOSE UP 2018-04-03


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Custom vid upload. Love this one ^^ DETAILS: I want a JOI, I don't care what you wear, whatever makes you comfortable. I want the JOI to be mostly a close up of you talking to me. I like being mesmerized and seduced, so I want you to be sweet and tell me how fast to jerk while staring into your eyes or at your smiling face. You can tell me how fast in different ways, making movements with your hand is ok, but I prefer counting from 1 to 10 over and over at various speeds, and I have to match the rhythm you count at. I like how sweet you are but I also want you to call me out on how pretty I think you are. Tell me how I can't stop staring at your pretty face or how I can't look away from your eyes, tell me how I can't stop jerking when you count, and how I can't fight you when you eventually tell me to cum. I guess it's like sweet femdom, I just want you to tell me exactly what to do while you have a close up of your smiling face. I also would like it if you kissed at the screen a few times. Tell me to go faster and slower, tease me a bunch, and finish with a countdown. End the video with a kiss saying how you know I'll come back to see you. PLEASE TAKE A MIN TO REVIEW IT. 4 REVIEWS=1 FREE VID. BUY 4 VIDS GET ONE FREE

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